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Immanuel Groups

Immanuel Groups are the best way to get connected to Immanuel. The are place where you can say, "I belong;" where people can come with honesty and not be rebuked for sharing the real state of their heart; a place where you can make gospel friendship and grow as a disciple in Christ.

Immanuel Groups are for everyone! Kids, no kids. Single, dating, engaged, married. 95 or 25. There are no barriers here, just show up and be encouraged.

Immanuel Groups are uniquely positioned to be our church's battalions — small organized groups that are agile enough to be able to serve our city as she needs. It is in care groups that we encourage one another and spur each other on to love God and serve his people.

To find out how you can connect to a group in your neighborhood, email us at:,visit the Connection Desk on Sunday mornings or use click here to sign up.