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Immanuel Groups

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Immanuel Groups are one of the best ways to get connected to Immanuel. They are a place where you can say, "I belong;" where people can come with honesty and not feel weird for sharing the real state of their heart; a place where you can make gospel friendship and grow as a disciple in Christ.

Immanuel Groups are for everyone! Kids, no kids. Single, dating, engaged, married. 95 and feisty or 25 and chill. There are no barriers here, just show up and be encouraged.


Let's face facts, Sunday mornings at Immanuel are amazing. But Sundays are also not always easy to catch up with others or share your heart with another brother or sister. Immanuel Groups allow that relaxed, Holy Spirit-driven conversation and fellowship that's sometimes difficult on a Sunday.


Sometimes people have really good reasons to not being a part of a church's small group.

Problem: "I am uncomfortable with small groups."
Answer: Immanuel Small groups are designed to welcome in everyone from all ages, races, socio-economic backgrounds, and situations. We want you there, it's not just a club for the "in crowd."

Problem: "I have kids./I don't have any kids./I'm married./I'm single."
Answer: The body of Christ isn't a collection of really good looking people who all dress, talk, act, and sound the same. We're a motley crew, saved by grace, and none of us are getting it right.

Problem: "I'm a bad Christian./I'm a new Christian./I'm not a Christian."
Answer: Immanuel Groups are for you, maybe more than you think.

"But you say, 'I'm a really bad Christian,' and that's great because there isn't any other kind!" -Pastor Ray.

Immanuel Groups are a safe place to explore the community, ask questions, and be honest with the real state of your heart.


All Immanuel Groups are centered around and grounded in Jesus, Community, Mission.

  • Immanuel Groups meet either weekly, or twice monthly.

  • Immanuel Groups are held in homes around Nashville.

  • The average size of an Immanuel Group is 8-15 people.

  • Immanuel Groups usually involve food, study, prayer, and sharing.

The goal of Immanuel Groups is to embrace people into the community of Jesus.

Got more questions? Check out the Immanuel Groups F.A.Q!

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