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Yearly Reading Plan

In 2016, we read through the Bible together for the first time as a church. It was a huge win for us! Pastor Ray stayed a couple of weeks out in front of us in his reading and kept a log of his personal notes. Those notes served as a centerpiece for our discussions in various group settings, including, Theology for Men and Women, Immanuel Groups, and 50's plus group. By God's grace, we came alive to the Bible together in 2016! His notes were such an invaluable resource for us that we want to leave them up for anyone who desires to read through the Bible at anytime and in any year. We encourage you to jump in! Hope you enjoy!

Below is a downloadable / printable 8.5x11 Journey Through the Bible reading plan, as well as Ray's weekly notes as they are released. Happy reading!

pdf wk1_Gen1-17
pdf wk2_Gen18-42
pdf wk3_Gen43-Exod16
pdf wk4_Exod17-Lev1
pdf wk5_Lev2-25
pdf wk6_Lev26-Num19
pdf wk7_Num20-Deut4
pdf wk8_Deut5-29
pdf wk9_Deut30-Joshua16
pdf wk10_Joshua17-1Samuel2
pdf wk11_1Samuel3-36
pdf wk12_1Sam27-2Sam20
pdf wk13_2Sam21-1Kings20
pdf wk14_1Kings21-2Kings23
pdf wk15_2Kings24-1Chron22
pdf wk16_1Chron23-2Chron18
pdf wk17_2Chron19-Ezra6
pdf wk18_Ezra7-Esther8
pdf wk19_Esther9-Job22
pdf wk20_Job23-42
pdf wk21_Psalm1-29
pdf wk22_Psalm30-54
pdf wk23_Psalm55-78
pdf wk24_Psalm79-103
pdf wk25_Psalm104-119
pdf wk26_Psalm120-150
pdf wk27_Proverbs
pdf wk28_Eccl-SongOfSol
pdf wk29_Isaiah_1-20
pdf wk30_Isaiah_21-45
pdf wk31_Isaiah_46-Jer3
pdf wk32_Jeremiah4-28
pdf wk33_Jeremiah29-52
pdf wk34_Lam1-Ezek20
pdf wk35_Ezek21-44
pdf wk36_Ezek45-Hosea9
pdf wk37_Hosea10-Micah2
pdf wk38_Micah3-Zech9
pdf wk39_Zech10-Matt15
pdf wk40_Matt16-Matt12
pdf wk41_Mark13-Luke20
pdf wk42_Luke21-John21
pdf wk43_Acts1-14
pdf wk44_Romans-1Cor5
pdf wk45_1Cor6-2Cor
pdf wk46_Gal-1Thess
pdf wk47_2Thess-Heb7
pdf wk48_Heb8-2John
pdf wk49_3John-Revelation
pdf Yearly_JourneyThroughBible_readingplan_8x11